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6 feedback UOFLMAGAZINE.COM WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU … We always welcome comments and feedback from past issues. WRITE TO: UofL Magazine 2323 S. Brook St., Ste.124 University of Louisville Louisville, KY 40292 EMAIL THE EDITOR AT: FACEBOOK: universityoflouisville Letters may be edited for length and clarity and must include author's name and contact information for verification purposes. Nice work Great job, one of the best issues. It was just wonderful that Uof L was available to me. I will always be thankful. — Clyde Hall, 62A, 69GA Bland issue This was the most uninspiring Uof L Magazine in a long time! … The graphics and design are dull and the articles uninspiring. Who cares about bourbon research? Just savor the flavor … And there's no awareness of diversity. The magazine looks like it belongs in a doctor's waiting room! — Stan Ousley Jr., 69A, 74GA … I was the Leftist "underground" newspaper edi- tor at Uof L in the late 1960s and publications are like people, good days and bad days. I saw the online interview with the new president (ironically my apartment neighbor was a Kansas Jayhawk!), and she is a blessing! Last year I received a call regard- ing donating to the Alumni Fund that impacted my life. I chatted with the student who called me for an hour and he asked me out of the blue what life advice I had to offer him! No time to ponder! I responded "always stay open" and "never just be a one trick pony." I realized he'd gifted me with the opportunity to see how my life unfolded over the decades! His gift of listening was so much more valuable than my modest donation. — Stan Ousley Jr., 69A, 74GA Angry bird The message portrayed by the "Angry Bird" Cardinal logo/ mascot is directly contrary to the core mission of the university, which is to pursue "excellence and inclusiveness in its work to educate and serve its community." There is a great over-abundance of angriness in today's society; the university needs to divorce itself of the logo/mascot's display of "a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism; rage." For- get the economics — do the right thing and restore the beautiful Kentucky Cardinal image to the true University of Louisville. — Herbert J. Kreitman, 60B The NCAA Committee on Infractions imposed a penalty of four years of pro- bation on the University of Louisville from June 15, 2017 through June 14, 2021, among others, in a June 15, 2017 decision in which the committee found UofL responsible for certain violations of NCAA legislation. Included were violations of NCAA legislation relating to 1.) impermissible inducements and benefits and ethical conduct, which stem from a former operations direc- tor arranging striptease dances and sex acts for several prospective and enrolled student-athletes, a friend of a prospect and two non-scholastic bas- ketball team coaches over a three-year period; 2.) unethical conduct and failure to cooperate by the former operations director when he refused to participate in interviews or provide relevant information to the enforcement staff during its investigation; 3.) failure to cooperate by a former program assistant when he refused to provide phone records relevant to the investi- gation to the enforcement staff during the investigation (later overturned); and 4.) head coach responsibility when the head coach failed to monitor the former operations director when he gave the former operations director recruiting responsibilities but did not ensure that he complied with NCAA rules. UofL had self-reported the initial discovery of possible misconduct to the NCAA enforcement staff, participated in an extensive joint investigation and later self-imposed severe penalties. The complete report and additional information, including the imposed penalties, may be found online at this link: EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Ousley Jr. gra- ciously provided a few follow-up comments after his original letter. Those comments are printed here. SPACEX-PLORER ASIA'S DREAM TEAM WOMEN'S WRITES WINTER/SPRING 2018 Spirited science Four Speed School women are the engineers behind Kentucky's best bourbons Proud grad I like everything about the latest issue of the Uof L Magazine, including the texture and look of the finished product. Obviously the content is excellent as well, and particularly meaningful for Speed School and the Conn Center. Andrew [Marsh, assistant director of the Conn Center] is just about in every issue with our hemp initiative, Speed School women in bourbon makes me feel proud as we did not have one woman in our 1964 class. Women in STEM will hopefully be cool for the first time, ever. Asia Durr is also featured, and her Atlanta roots as Georgia's Ms. Basketball at St. Pius makes me proud that she chose the Cards instead of state universities. What a seminal improvement this issue represents. Proud old grad here! — Henry P. Conn, 64S, 69GB, 72GS

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