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65 SUMMER 2018 As the Cold War came to an end, Gina Haspel, 78A, joined the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. She was stationed as a case officer in Africa where she saw communist ideologies displayed firsthand. In a pro- file written by the CIA, she said "It was right out of a spy novel. It really didn't get any better than that." After more than 30 years as a spy in the agency's ranks, Haspel recently reached the pin- nacle of her CIA career: Director of the CIA. She is the first female and the first Kentucky native to head the organization. Haspel, from Ashland, Ken- tucky, graduated from UofL in 1978 after studying journal- ism and communications. She joined the CIA in 1985 and has served as Chief of Station in several overseas assignments. She also held several senior leadership positions with the organization including dep- uty director of the national Clandestine Service, deputy director of the National Clan- destine Service for Foreign Intelligence and Covert action, and chief of staff for the direc- tor of the National Clandestine Service. In the CIA profile, Haspel said her parents "instilled in her a deep love of country and a commitment to public service." "I wanted to be part of some- thing bigger than just me," she added. "I think with my dad's service in the military, I saw that as a natural affinity. I wanted an overseas adventure where I could put my love of foreign lan- guages to use. CIA delivered." Gina Haspel, 78A John Roberts, Jeff Thomason, Ruth Blume, Cara Sue O'Neil, Muzafar Azizov, Brian O'Neil, David Burks and Paul Thompson. Meeting the family To celebrate and honor the life of Cara Sue O'Neil's late husband, the Stephen A. O'Neil Memorial Scholarship was established in 2015, awarded annually to a junior undergraduate in the UofL College of Business seeking a degree in Finance. Steve was senior vice president in the research department at Hilliard Lyons where he had 31 years of service, and received both his MBA and M.A. in Chemical Engineering from UofL. This spring, members of the O'Neil family were introduced to Muzafar Azizov, the most recent recipient of the scholarship, where he learned more about the legacy of what made his scholarship possible.

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