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22 UOFLMAGAZINE.COM Andreas Elpidorou can lecture on a variety of topics, but one of his research interests sometimes causes trepidation on the audience's part. When they hear he's going to speak about boredom, "they think it's going to be boring," he said. Elpidorou, assistant professor of philosophy in the College of Arts & Sciences, is UofL's resident expert in ennui, and said boredom isn't all that bad. Elpidorou began studying bore- dom as part of an overarching interest in why we feel emotions. "When I started my research, I kept finding that boredom gets a really bad rap," he said. "It seems that it has no redeeming qualities." His studies, however, indicate oth- erwise. "We don't have emotions randomly for no reason," he said. We don't get bored because we aren't busy enough. The emotion of boredom is a signal that what one is currently doing isn't meaningful. It serves as a trigger that we need to change something in our lives. Simply put, without boredom, we wouldn't know what makes us happy or excited or content. That's why Elpidorou argues we need boredom and other perceived negative emo- tions like frustration in our lives. "These are emotions that tell us what matters to us and what does not," he said. spotlight ANDREAS ELPIDOROU faculty ONLINE: For more on Elpidorou's research, visit

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