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61 FALL 2017 Ronald Corum, 71A, 73GA, 75GA, published "David Maurer: Argot Hunter" released as a limited manuscript edition with David Maurer serving as a posthumous author. Maurer was on staff with the UofL Department of English for 37 years, taught 23 different courses, and was world renowned for his study of underground criminal slang and behavior. Reggie Van Stockum, Jr., 75GA, 79L, 79GA, published "The Wondrous Journey of Food" in the "Journal of Animal and Environmental Law." Daniel Flynn, 77A, published near-death experience research in "The Journey Through the Pearly Gates" which discusses nine important insights gained into the transition we call "death." E. Scott Fruehwald, 77MU, 89L, published the book, "Overcoming Cognitive Biases: Thinking More Clearly and Avoiding Manipulation by Others." Carol Bruner Dewitt, 82A, published "Carved In Stone" concerning the Ten Commandments. She was included in "Marquis Who's Who in America" and chaired faith based grant reviews in Washington, D.C. Cathy Fyock, 85GB, published "Blog- 2Book: Repurposing Content to Discover the Book You've Already Written," about how to create a nonfiction book based on blog posts. Marjorie L. Maddox Hafer, 85GA, published the stories "What She Was Saying " and poems "Wives' Tales." This listing represents a selection of the books published by Louisville alumni in recent months. Submissions may be held for future magazine issues due to space limitations. Are you a published author in any format? Let us know the latest and where readers can find you at Rita Ann Flemming, 85MD, sold out of her first edition of "Does Grandma have a Mustache?," a book of poems for wise and witty grandparents to share with grandchildren. She wrote most of this book while waiting for the 7,000-plus babies she has delivered. Vanessa K. Williams-Harvey, 86A, published her first book, "I Remem- ber," about a fami- ly in crisis and how emotional stressors impact relationships. David M. Kopp, 87B, published "Famous and (Infamous) Workplace and Community Training: A Social History of Training and Development" which explores a seldom discussed aspect of human resource training. Brenda L. Alexander, 98A, published three books of poetry in the last year: "Bric-a-Brac by Brenda: Volume 1", "T.R.U.M.P. or Trump Really Undermines My Patience," and "Bric-a-Brac for Your Spirit." Carol Bonura, 98A, published "Our God Is a Big God," a collection of personal stories of those touched by the greatness of God. R. Mark Hall, 01GA, published "Around the Texts of Writing Center Work: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Tutor Education," which reveals the conceptual frameworks found in ordinary writing center documents. Frank Scalise, 09SP, 12GA (writing as Frank Zafiro), coauthored "The Last Collar," with Lawrence Kelter, a police procedural mystery novel whose protagonists strive to push forward the hands of time and solve the murder. Randi (Hill) Revill, 10GE, explores a subject that will spark conversations about race, class, and gender in her book "Into White." Ben Stickle, 10GA, 15GA, published "Metal Scrappers and Thieves" which explores the little-known world of metal thieves and scrappers, drawing on candid interviews, observations of criminals at work and participation in the scrapping subculture. Faculty UofL Emeritus Professor Jerry Evans of the UofL Department of Industrial Engineering wrote a textbook "Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Indus- trial Engineering: Methodology and Applications." BOOKSHELF

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