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49 FALL 2017 1950s John S. Sutton, Jr., 53A, 65GA, at- tended his 78th consecutive Kentucky Derby in 2017 as a special guest of Churchill Downs. He was interviewed by NBC Sports Network in 2014 and by WAVE-TV in May 2015. He attended his first Derby in 1940 at age eight with his father. 1960s Olson Huff, 62MD, received an hon- orary Doctor of Science from the Uni- versity of North Carolina for his work in expanding heath care for children by establishing the Olson Huff Center for Child Development and initiating efforts that led to the development of Mission Children's Hospital. // John M. Meador, Jr. 68A, was appointed inaugural dean of Libraries and pro- fessor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 1970s Eric J. Dierks, 70A, 74DMD, 70MD, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Dentists, received honorary fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he deliv- ered the oration to graduating fellows. // George Marriner Maull, 70MU, 72GMU, received a 2017 Bronze Telly Award for his eight-part public televi- sion series "Fall in Love with Music." // Judith H. Dressel, 72A, retired after a career at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Walters Art Museum (Maryland), and as director of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum (Connecticut). // Donna M. George, 73A, 76GE, received a 2017 Tower Award for Education from Presentation Academy. // Drew Peake, 78S, 83GS, and Greg Haitz, presented a paper at the National Academy of Forensic Engineers conference. // Degree Index A Arts & Sciences, undergrad. / AC Associate alum / AD Adopted alum / AH Allied health, undergrad. / B Business, undergrad. / DH Dental hygiene, undergrad. / DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine / DR Dental residency / E Education, undergrad. / GA Arts & Sciences, grad. / GAH Allied health, grad. / GB Business, grad. / GD Dentistry, grad. / GE Education, grad. / GI Interdisciplinary studies, grad. / GJA Jus- tice administration, grad. / GK Kent School of Social Work, grad. / GM Medicine, grad. / GMU Music, grad. / GN Nursing, grad. / GP Public Health, grad. / GS Engineering (Speed School), grad. / GU Urban & public affairs, grad. / H Honorary / JA Justice admin- istration, undergrad. / K Kent School of Social Work, undergrad. / L Law / LA Louisville School of Art / LGH Lou. Gen. Hospital Nursing School / MC Municipal College / MD Doctor of Medicine / MR Medical resi- dency / MU Music, undergrad. / N Nursing, under- grad. / P Public Health, undergrad. / S Engineering (Speed School), undergrad. / SC Kentucky Southern College / SP Southern Police Institute / U Urban & public affairs, undergrad. GEORGE Robert E. Arnold, 57GM While sitting in the waiting room of a den- tist office, Robert E. Arnold picked up a copy of Navy Magazine that would argu- ably change his life. The 1993 edition included pictures of what is believed to be the spine of John Wilkes Booth. Upon further examination, Arnold, a doctor and Navy man him- self, concluded that the wounds were not inflicted in the way that traditionally has been portrayed. Thus began Arnold's jour- ney to unearth the truth behind the mystery of Lincoln's assassin. Arnold, now 85, dedicated the next 20 years to uncovering the truth behind Booth's death. He studied eyewitness accounts, documents that have proven difficult to access for years. His decades of investiga- tion resulted in his book, "The Conspiracy Between the Union Army and John Wilkes Booth to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln." The book was published in 2015 and is now available on Amazon and Kindle. While Arnold sometimes faces resistance for his non-traditional view, he stands by the evidence. "The stories could not have happened the way they told it," he said. Arnold finished his undergraduate studies in 1953 at the University of Ken- tucky, before completing his graduate degree from UofL's School of Medicine in 1957. A retired veteran, Arnold served in a myriad of medical roles during his career, including as a county coroner and surgeon. WHAT'S NEW? Share career updates, relocations, awards, achievements and any other life news about the individuals who make UofL a dynamic and diverse academic community. Send your notes to CLASS NOTES

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