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S U M M E R 2 0 1 7 U o f L M A G A Z I N E | 3 7 CARDS IN THE ARTS Eichberger is just one of a number of alums who have gone on to behind-the-scenes careers in the arts, including Oscar-nominated producer Joey McFarland, Emmy-winning producer Matt Battaglia and current School of Music technician Brad Ritchie, who prepared scores for television shows including "The Flash," "Supergirl" and "Blindspot." Joey McFarland, 97A — An American film producer from Louisville, McFarland co-founded Red Granite Pictures in 2010 where he manages daily opera- tions, business divisions, person- nel and creative development. He has produced multiple films, which include "Friends With Kids" and "Wolf of Wall Street" for which he received an Academy Award nomination; was executive producer of "Daddy's Home;" and his latest film "Papillon" debuts this year. Matt Battaglia, 88B — Battaglia has excelled in acting, produc- ing, real estate and collegiate and professional football. An All-Amer- ican Cardinal middle linebacker, Battaglia played in the NFL for two years. Since then, he has acted in over 90 films, network pilots and 30 national commercials. He won his first Daytime Emmy as executive producer for the televi- sion show, "Last Shot with Judge Gunn," appeared on HBO's "True Detective" and was a guest lead in "NCIS: New Orleans." Brad Ritchie, 07MU — Currently on staff with the UofL School of Music as an engineering stage technician, Ritchie has prepared music for Halo 2 video game and television shows "The Flash" and "Supergirl." In his role at UofL he provides back-of-house technical support for concerts, including audio recording, editing and CD production, and oversight and maintenance of the recording booth and lighting system. Emma Stone rehearsing one of their dance routines with the choreographer just outside our office or catch glimpses of concept art and miniature models being created for the iconic traffic scene at the beginning of the film." The crew's work on "La La Land" resulted in the Oscar nomination for costume design, one of 14 nominations for the film. "I will always be grateful for [Jessi's] hard work on 'La La Land' which was a complicated film to design with such a small crew and budget," Zophres said. Eichberger, who calls herself a very small cog in the Hollywood machine, was honored to be working with such a team. "Working on 'La La Land' was thrilling; there is no other word to describe it," Eichberger said. "It was great to see the cast and crew receive the recognition they deserved." DRESSING FOR SUCCESS Eichberger is not slowing down. She has spent the past year as a costume production assistant for Emmy Award- winning costume designer Lyn Paolo, working on shows including "Scandal," "How to Get Away With Murder" and "Shameless." Under Paolo's guidance Eichberger recently joined the Costumer's Union, a major accom- plishment in the field. "It has been my pleasure to mentor Jessi and to pave the way for her to join the Costumer's Union here in Los Angeles," Paolo said. "She is professional, intelligent and truly talented. I look forward to working with Jessi for many more years." Eichberger's long-term goals include working her way up through the ranks, gaining experience in every role in the costume world and eventually reaching the title of designer. Right now, Eichberger just counts herself as lucky to be working among such esteemed coworkers and supervisors. "I haven't made this journey alone," she said. "If I'm ever fortunate enough to see my designs on the silver screen, it will be because I've had the incredible support of so many." Her UofL mentors have no doubt Eichberger will ac- complish her dream. "She was meant to work in no other business," Shep- herd said. "It's only a matter of time, and she'll be there. She'll walk the red carpet."

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