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5 8 | L O U I S V I L L E . E D U Bookshelf This listing represents a selection of the books published by Louisville alumni in recent months. For a full list, please visit Books mentioned here may be found online or at local booksellers. Submissions may be held for future magazine issues due to space limitations. Are you a published author in any format? Let us know the latest and where readers can fi nd you at Johnnie Howell, the pen name of John H. Hicks, 49A, wrote weekly editorials for the Voice Newspaper and Scripps-Howard news, and published the following books: "The Canker Worm and Other Short Stories" (pictured), "No Babies to Cry and Other Short Stories", "Simon of Cyrene: The Black Ostrich" (1975 edition), and "Simon of Cyrene" (2016 edition). Charles Patterson, 66MD, authored "Your Death and How You Survive It," which explores the interface of physics and biology. The book seeks to explain mechanisms of thought and consciousness, hypothetically, and proposes research to substantiate the ideas. Denis J. Stemmle, 68GS, published his fourth book, "Our Todays," the third in the Don and Deb trilogy featuring older characters who have spent a lifetime learning to love each other. Sam Denny, 79GE, is the author of "…And Bring Me Back the Change," a collection of 30 short stories that in the words of one of its readers, "humanizes the world of fi nance." Marjorie Maddox Hafer, 86GA, published her 10th collection of poetry— "True, False, None of the Above." Her 11th collection, "Wives' Tales," is due this fall and a short story collection, "What She Was Saying," in early 2017. Teri McLaren, 89GE, and writing partner, Bobby Garcia, 94L, recently published "W.A.S.P. Sisters of the Sky" by Saphirion Press. Paul Campion, 93GE, and his husband, Randy Johnson, published "Higher Love: The Miraculous Story of a Family." It is the epic true story of a gay couple's struggle to be recognized together as the parents of four multiracial children. Hope Zoeller, 98GE, and her husband, Joe DeSensi, of Louisville, wrote "HOPE for Leaders Unabridged," in which they share insights into human behavior to help leaders navigate the many aspects of leadership. Shonda Brown White, 05B, recently published a new book called "Don't Be A Wife To A Boyfriend: 10 Lessons I Learned When I Was Single." This book aims to help you on your journey to self-discovery, truth and clarity. Julie Marie Wade, 12GA, published "SIX", which is the winner of the 2014 AROHO To the Lighthouse Poetry Prize, selected by the late C.D. Wright. Rachel Waford, 13GA, and Carina A. Iati, recently published "The Psychosis Response Guide," for non-mental health providers to assist young people with psychotic disorders. Class Notes

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