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11.13 BELMONT 11.19 BOWLING GREEN 11.20 LAFAYETTE 11.21 CHATTANOOGA F A L L 2 0 1 6 U O F L M A G A Z I N E | 5 5 A L U M N I L I F E NOVEMBER DECEMBER 12.1 MARYLAND 12.4 KENTUCKY 12.11 WESTERN KENTUCKY 12.14 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE 12.16 CHARLESTON 12.18 EVANSVILLE 12.29 SYRACUSE JANUARY 1.8 PITTSBURGH 1.15 MIAMI 1.18 GEORGIA TECH FEBRUARY 2.2 NC STATE 2.12 BOSTON COLLEGE 2.19 NORTH CAROLINA 2.23 VIRGINIA NO VEMBE R 11.13 B ELMONT 11.1 9 B O WLIN G G REEN 11. 20 LAF AYE TTE 11. 2 1 C HATTAN OOG A Leonard Schultz, 66MD Surgeon, medical entrepreneur, author and patent holder are just a few highlights from a career of fi rsts for Leonard Schultz, MD. He was one of the fi rst sur- geons in the country to perform laparoscopic chole- cystectomy, fi rst to present the operation at a national society, and in 1990 gave the fi rst description of a preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair with mesh using laparoscopic techniques. He also was contributing editor to one of the fi rst surgical laparoscopy text- books, as well as journal editor and surgical teacher. After 35 years as a general surgeon in Minnesota, Schultz is now a serial entrepreneur specializing in the removal of smoke and bioaerosols, which are by-products of open surgery. He holds over 40 patents on various surgical topics. "I continue to thank and credit the admissions committee for the Class of 1964 for seeing my potential, and work to repay the UofL School of Medicine for the opportunity they provided me," said Schultz.

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