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F A L L 2 0 1 6 U O F L M A G A Z I N E | 4 7 A C R O S S C A M P U S J.B. SPEED SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Conn Center examining industrial hemp as a fuel source The Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research is investigating the use of industrial hemp to supplement or replace fossil fuels. In partnership with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the University of Kentucky Agriculture Department, UofL researchers this summer planted industrial hemp in a 40-by-40-foot plot adjacent to The Phoenix House on the Belknap Campus. Nearby plots will be planted with switchgrass and kenaf, two other plants that have similar potential as fuels. Seven other Kentucky universities are conducting research on hemp, but UofL is the only one focusing on the plant as a fuel resource. "Hemp is cleaner and cheaper to produce than coal, oil or other resources," said Mahendra Sunkara, professor of chemical engineering and director of the Conn Center. "It could solve many of the nation's future energy needs while providing a new, lucrative cash crop for Kentucky's farmers." Research will be carried out by Jagannadh Satyavolu, biofuels theme leader at the Conn Center; Noppodon Sathitsuksanoh, assistant professor of chemical engineering; and Eric Berson, associate professor of chemical engineering. The ground outside of UofL's Conn Center is prepared for planting of hemp seeds. College credit for what you know You're pretty smart. You've learned a lot on your job. You'd like to earn a college degree. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get college credit for what you've learned through employ- ment, professional development, military service or other training? Now you can. The CEHD has launched the univer- sity's fi rst competen- cy-based program, which means you can earn credit for what you know. The orga- nizational leadership and learning degree with a health care leadership track is aimed at health care professionals who have at least 2,000 hours of professional work experience and 24 transferrable college credit hours. All courses can be taken online at a pace that best fi ts the student's schedule and lifestyle. Lee Bewley, who heads up the pro- gram, said he expects about 20 students to enroll the fi rst year — which kicked off this fall — and that it will eventually attract students from across the United States. "Students inter- ested in this program will earn a bach- elor's degree from a nationally recognized university in a time- effi cient and cost- effective manner," said Bewley. The program will be known as "On- Track" and is a set of 36 courses weighted at one credit hour each, with the option to test out if the student already is profi cient. Lee Bewley will head the CEHD's new competency-based bachelor's degree for health care professionals. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

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