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events — it's a wonderful chance to be reminded, in some sense, of how we became who we are and how Shakespeare's use of language shaped that." Rabin said. WILL IN THE VILLE he Will in the Ville celebration is packed with fun, informative and entertaining events. The eight- month-long program brings together more than 45 arts, cultural and educational organizations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana and aims to make Louisville a "City of Shakespeare." As one of the organizers, Rabin sees Will in the Ville as a testament to Louisville's ongoing commitment to arts and culture. "Arts and culture are tremendously important to our city's identity. This is yet another way to bring all of these organizations together around a single project," he said. Fra zier Histor y Museum's Jodi Lewis has also been impressed by the willingness and enthusiasm of organizations across the region to get involved. "It isn't just the number of organizations who have lined up behind this project that delights me, but the diversity of community partners who have embraced our Will in the Ville programming initiative," Lewis said. "It has been a wonderful experience to work with such eagerly collaborative and supportive colleagues." From the university's perspective, Rabin sees the event as an opportunity for UofL to use its unique position to enrich the lives of everyone in the community. "UofL is tremendously excited to be organizing the Will in the Ville project. In some sense, this is what a university is supposed to do. We carr y out our research and teaching within the walls of the university, but then we use our research and we use our classes to bring wonderful things like the First Folio out into the community," he said. Will in the Ville has something for everyone, from the avid Shakespearean scholar to the budding poet, actor or writer. And for the creatively inclined, there's even a Renaissance print workshop, where you can print your very own First Folio page. Some of the world's most renowned Shakespearean authorities will be giving lectures, including this year's ACC distinguished lecturer, Peter Holland, PhD, from the University of Notre Dame, and the award- winning Shakespearean expert and author, James Shapiro, PhD, from Columbia University. Sonnets on a Sunday adds a modern twist to Shakespeare, with UofL English Department students writing their own sonnets in response to Shakespeare's, which will be performed by student actors from the Commonwealth Theatre. UofL's Theatre Arts Department will be putting on a production of the ever-popular "King Lear," which will run most of November. And, if you like music, don't miss "Music of Shakespeare's London," by UofL's Early Music Ensemble, which will feature songs, dances, viole da gamba, recorders, harpsichord and more. Full details of all the exciting and entertaining Will in the Ville events can be found at rstfolio/. As Louisville embraces Will in the Ville in 2016, one has to wonder what Shakespeare would have made of our beautiful and vibrant River City. We can only guess at his response, but we can hope it would have been this line from his play, "As You Like It." "I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it." ■ Actors Charlie Sexton (left) and Baron Kelly (right) rehearsing an emotional scene from Shakespeare's tragic "King Lear." F A L L 2 0 1 6 U O F L M A G A Z I N E | 3 3

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