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7 0 | L O U I S V I L L E . E D U In Memoriam Harold E. Kleinert, AD, professor of surgery at the School of Medicine and a pioneer in the f eld of hand and upper extremity surgery and microsurgery, passed away at the age of 91. In addition to an internationally prominent private practice, he established the Christine M. Kleinert Fellowship in Hand Surgery program. His innovations include many hand surgical instruments, the double operating microscope, regional anesthe- sia for outpatient surgery and the two-bed operating room. He retired from active practice in 2009 and was named Clinical Professor of Surgery, Emeritus, in 2012. Harry J. Shapira, 69B, a signif cant phi- lanthropist in Louisville and Executive Vice President of Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc., died at the age of 66. Mr. Shapira helped the company expand from whiskey to all segments of the industry, and to create and design the Bourbon Heritage Center and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. He was president of the Shapira Foundation, supported countless local organizations, and served as a board member of the regional cancer center corporation at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville. Theodore E. Logan, Sr., 49 DMD, profes- sor of prosthodontics at the School of Dentistry, and past UofL Distinguished Alumni Fellow, died at the age of 91. Dr. Logan served as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Dental Association for many years. Dr. George R. Pack, chemistry professor and the associate vice president of re- search at the university, died at the age of 67. He previously taught at the University of Illinois. The George R. Pack Award for Outstanding Thesis at the University of Louisville is named in his honor. Donald M. Fiene, 59A, 62GA, formerly of Louisville, died at the age of 83 in Oakland, Calif. As an English teacher at Male High School, he received national attention in 1960 for reading the book "The Catcher in the Rye" and later corre- sponded with Salinger. He is internation- ally recognized as the f rst bibliographer of J. D. Salinger. Virginia K. Hahn, 49A, a strong believer in education and religion, died at the age of 86. She and husband Dr. Theodore Wallace Hahn moved from Louisville to Florida for his internship in Miami in 1954, and eventually settled in Boca Raton with their three children (two physicians and a lawyer). Robert Hilleary, 61A, died at the age of 75. He was such a fan of the university that the family even asked all attending the services to wear red in Robert's honor. A resident of North Muskegon, Mich., Robert owned and operated Webb Chemical Services from 1968–2010, loved golf and was an active church and community member. բ բ բ բ 1930s Dulcenia S. Wilder, 33A Harland N. Hannon, 35A Juanita C. Booth, 37A Paul E. Holbrook, 38MD Himus S. Sims, 39S 1940s Marian W. Myers, 41MU, 65GE Richard I. Anderson, 44DMD Morton T. Edwards, Sr., 44DMD Stephen P. Hogg, 44MD Max P. Jones, 44MD Thomas G. Lutes, 44DMD Virginia U. Khouri, 46A Bernard J. Schoo, 46MD Charles A. Bentley, 47S Anne S. Derr, 47A George J. Hauptfuhrer, Jr., 47A Philip G. Hughes, 47S, 75GS Robert A. Torkildsen, 47S Wilma D. Turner, 47MC Louis O. Giesel, Jr., 48A, 50MD Jesse R. Goza, Jr., 48GS Peter J. Musicaro, 48DMD William F. Nicols, 48A James M. Strobel, 48A James J. Finegan, 49B David E. Greenwell, 49A Douglas H. Jenkins, 49MD Phillip B. Schmidt, Jr., 49S 1950s Beverly J. Fowler, 50A Cecil L. Grumbles, 50A, 54MD, 58MR H. Eugene Jamerson, 50S Charles Meixner, 50A James W. Reesor, 50S Errol A. Richardson, 50B Donald R. Shelton, Sr., 50A August D. Brackett, 51A Robert W. Keown, 51A, 52GA, 54GA Joseph P. McCall, 51A, 53L Earl R. Searcy, 51L Mrs. Doris R. Thomas, 51A Adrian J. VanBakel, 51B, 55GB E. Kenneth Whitney, 51B, 53L Sarah W. Bess, 52MU Thomas H. Bryant, 52A Donald L. Windmiller, 52A, 56DMD Norman L. Barrow, 53DMD William G. Burd, 53L Charles E. Jett, 53S Michael A. Lasher, Jr., 53A, 55L John L. Miles, Jr., 53A, 73GE Carolyn L. Padgett, 53A Charles W. Sisk, 53MD Patricia C. Warren, 53A Robert B. Bossung III, 54S Robert C. Kratz, 55DMD John J. McDonagh, 55L Don C. Purcell, 55A Richard L. Sanford, 55B Lawrence A. Booth, 56GS, 60GS James G. Holmes, 56DMD Claude R. Rich, Jr., 56B Jerry E. Vest, 56A L. I. Carnes, 57DMD Patricia Hess, 57B Cynthia Innis Schlipf, 57A Phillip E. Hassman, USA Ret., 58L Thomas J. Landis, 58B Willis H. Tassie, 58A Bernice L. Thorne, 58A Ruby A. Arnsparger, 59MD Robert B. Beale III, 59B Jimmy L. Burden, 59DMD Walter F. Logan , 59A, 61DMD Edward J. Rausch, 59B 1960s Everett E. Bickers Jr., 60MD James G. Downey, 60B Louis F. Erb, 60S Frank J. Horlander, 60S Mildred G. Long, 60A Don R. Stephens, Sr., 60MD William H. Tharp, 60B Donald B. Aspley, 61MD Jessie Gaddie, 61GE Junius V. Beaver, Jr., 62A, 66L Lois J. Bratcher, 62A Charles W. Ritchie, 62S, 77GS Edward G. Ritter, 62DMD Ruth H. Wagner, 62GE Frank Coryell, 63B, 67L Thomas M. Jones, 63MD James R. Mayer Jr., 63A Robert J. Baughman, 64A, 67L Donald L. Boaz, 64S James Chester Jones, 64A Cooper J. Padgett, 64A Delma C. Schnellenberger, 64GE Norman H. Stier, 64B Alein T. Wade, 64 GE, 71GE Richard N. Davis, 65B Lincoln W. Henderson, 65A Eugene J. Montone, 65GK Ronald E. Stopher, 65MU Charles E. Donlon, 66GK C. Faye Underwood, 66A, 63DH The university family offers condolences on the passing of the following alumni and friends. Families may submit information by email to U L _ 7 0 7 0 UL_70 70 1 / 2 4 / 1 4 1 0 : 0 4 A M 1/24/14 10:04 AM

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