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Over the course of 23 years developing UofL's Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP) laboratory, Aly Farag has spent the equivalent of months looking at various images, depictions, models and other visual representations. But perhaps more than anything else, what he sees is the future. "The advancements we're making here today have long-term impacts," says Farag, professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and director of the CVIP lab. "The applications touch multiple fields, from law en- forcement and security, to health care, engineer- ing, education, computer science…it's amazing to think about the things we may be able to do with this technology." Whether it's helping doctors identify and treat can- cer, providing security personnel with real-time data on suspicious individuals, or giving a child with autism the resources to better relate to their peers and environment, the sky seems to be the limit for what Farag and the lab's graduate stu- dents are willing to tackle. Their work is loosely divided into three disciplines—computer vision, biomedical imaging and biometrics—all built on developing ways for computers to take in informa- tion, interpret data, and help give decision-makers an accurate picture of an issue or situation. 2 4 | L O U I S V I L L E . E D U Future the Aly Farag looks ahead to the impact of advanced imaging technology Envisioning U L _ 2 4 2 4 UL_24 24 1 / 2 7 / 1 4 9 : 3 7 A M 1/27/14 9:37 AM

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