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1 2 | L O U I S V I L L E . E D U News & Impact Global licensing agreement may help people worldwide "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time," is how Robert Waddell explains how he wound up being the f rst patient to be treated suc- cessfully with technology developed by UofL faculty and staff that now has been licensed globally. When Waddell received his kidney transplant four years ago he also was part of a research study led by Dr. Suzanne Ildstad, professor of surgery and director of the Institute for Cellular Therapeutics at UofL, examining how to elimi- nate the need for patients to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. One year after his transplant, Waddell was medication-free and has been so for the past three years. Ildstad, Jewish Hospi- tal Distinguished Chair in Transplantation Research and representing Rege- nerex LLC, has entered into a license and research collaboration agreement with Novartis to provide access to stem cell tech- nology and develop its potential not only in solid organ transplantation, but also potentially for other diseases. "As we began to see success with this, we also saw the tremendous need, not just in solid organ transplantation, but also for treatment of metabolic diseases where parents see their children die before the age of nine," Ildstad says. "We knew we could not meet the demand and that is one of the primary reasons we commercial- ized the technology." Thanks to a unique partnership between UofL's Schools of Dentistry and Nursing and the Kentucky Racing Health Services Center, track workers at Churchill Downs now have a new health resource. Under the leadership of Assistant Professor Dedra Hayden, nurse practitioner and dental students are working together to provide regular, free medical and dental exams to track workers who cannot afford routine health care. Not only does it provide these underserved patients with access to care, it's also an opportunity for inter- professional education between nurse practitioner and dental students. Both nursing and dental students have reported improved conf dence in functioning as a member of an inter-professional team after working in tandem. This collaboration, begun in spring 2013, is a part of an ongoing UofL effort to combine classroom learning and clinical experiences. Top-notch patient care is one goal of inter-professional education UofL general practice resident Lauren Parsons, DMD, and nurse practitioner student Kelly Stice, BSN, RN, CCRN, take the medical history of a patient at the Kentucky Racing Health Services Center. U L _ 1 2 1 2 UL_12 12 1 / 2 4 / 1 4 9 : 5 2 A M 1/24/14 9:52 AM

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