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A C R O S S C A M P U S LOUIS D . BRAND EIS SCHOOL OF LAW UP TO THE CHALLENGE JAMES GRAHAM BRO WN CANCER CEN TE R CANCER CENTER GIFT HELPS TREAT WHOLE PERSON A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and leave someone wondering what the diagnosis means, what treatment options are available, how the disease will change their lives and more. The M. Krista Loyd Resource Center at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, however, is a single site that helps patients fnd answers. Supported by a $1 million gift from Raymond and Eleanor Loyd of Louisville to honor their daughter who lost her courageous fght against lung cancer, the resource center provides a place where cancer patients and their families can learn about the disease, relax in a comfortable setting and augment their treatment with emotional and mental healing. At the resource center, patients have access to everything from educational materials and lunch-and-learn programs to art therapy and the area's only "image lab" where patients can try on wigs, sample skin supplies and much more. "You cannot imagine the change in our patients when they walk through our doors and know they are not alone in their journey to beat cancer," said Donald Miller, director of the Brown Cancer Center. "The Loyds' gift has been crucial in our ability to treat not a person's cancer, but the whole person." VISION | We generate new knowledge relating to the nature and causation of cancer and create new and more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy. We do this while delivering medical advances with compassion and respect to cancer patients throughout our region. A new donor program at the law school keeps alumni engaged and up-to-date on law school priorities. Known as the Brandeis Law Alumni Challenge, the program encourages friendly competition among law f rms, companies and others by comparing alumni giving rates within each organization. "It's been a great way to engage alumni," said Susan Duncan, interim dean of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law. "It gets people talking about us, gives us a chance to showcase our contributions to the community and to discuss what we need going forward." One f rst-year donor was Larry Ethridge, 75L, who said it was an honor to give back to his alma mater: "The school has given us the tools to practice our profession so it's incumbent on all of us to give back to the school." Top donors get bragging rights and possession of a statuette (see photo above). There are three categories in the competition: large f rms, small f rms and other organizations or public service entities. The Challenge began July, 1, 2012, has 17 participating groups and raised $307,246 in its f rst year. Donors choose how they want to support the law school in areas such as student scholarships, the law clinic and moot court. Louisville-based law f rm Ackerson & Yann, PLLC, earned top honors in the large f rm category when all 10 of its UofL-alumni employees contributed to the program. VISION | Success in the contemporary practice of law demands hands-on experience under the guidance of superior educators and practitioners. We seek the ļ¬nancial strength to advance our mission as one of the nation's best public law schools. FA L L UO F L M A G A Z I N E | 4 9

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