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Inside the Oval Dear friends and alumni of UofL, Most of you who are reading this are University of Louisville graduates or supporters. That means, no matter where you live, you've probably been bragging about the unparalleled year UofL's athletics teams experienced in 2012–13. We've all had plenty to brag about — not just about what's happening on the field of play, but also in UofL's classrooms, research labs and campus improvements. And none of it would be happening without your generous support of UofL. We had another record fundraising year in 2012–13. That's not only good, but necessary, because our beloved UofL couldn't maintain the incredible trajectory it's on without generous donors who: • Pay for scholarships for first-generation college students as well as the most gifted, talented students from Kentucky and beyond In many ways we can see the physical results of giving — the new soccer stadium under construction or the new wing at the College of Business. But the true value of projects like these, as well as the dollars given for scholarships and research, is found in the benefit to the greater good — the improved quality of life in Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Those of us who see these improvements and the results of your generosity wish to thank you and ask for your continued support of the university with, arguably, the biggest upward trajectory of any school in the country over the past 11 years. We couldn't be more proud of you, our students, faculty and staff as we continue on the mission set for us by the people of Kentucky to become a premier, nationally recognized metropolitan research institution. Thank you. • Support research on cures, improving the quality of life and cutting-edge technology • Invest in infrastructure to expand programs and build a vibrant campus life James R. Ramsey President "Our beloved UofL couldn't maintain the incredible trajectory it's on without generous donors" 4|LOUISVILLE.EDU

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