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In Memoriam բ բ James R. Taylor, 51L James R. Taylor was drafted into WWII and served as a U.S. Army pilot. Just 10 days after graduating from UofL, Taylor took the bar exam, got married and was then called back to active duty in the U.S. Air Force for the Korean War. In 1953, Taylor left the Air Force but returned as a consultant to work with Pan Am in tracking missiles launched from Cape Canaveral. He was a longtime resident of Cocoa Beach, Fla. Milburn R. Wheeler, 51DMD Born in Lawrence County, Ky., Milburn Richard Wheeler was a retired dentist, having practiced in Morehead, Ky., for more than 40 years. Wheeler served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a radio operator in World War II. He was stationed in Alamogordo, N.M., when the frst atomic bomb was detonated. Mary E. Miller, 44A Mary (Mea) Miller grew up as an "army brat" in many cities across the United States. Miller received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UofL. She graduated early so she could join the U.S. Navy as a Lt. j.g. in World War II. As a resident of Vallejo, Calif., her creative fair and passion for arts and education led her to numerous roles in the community, chairing events and fundraisers and holding key board positions for dozens of organizations and philanthropic causes. Keith M. Pearson, 45MD Keith Milo Pearson was born in Lincoln, Idaho. He enrolled at the University of Washington in 1939, majoring in chemistry and pre-med, and received membership in a pre-med honor society and in Phi Beta Kappa. In 1945, he graduated second in his class from the UofL School of Medicine and received membership in the honorary medical society Alpha Omega Alpha and in Phi Kappa Phi. After service as a U.S. Navy medical offcer, Pearson was a general practice physician in Pocatello, Idaho, then practiced internal medicine for 40 years in Salt Lake City. Ruth D. Herbert, 47MU Ruth Day Herbert, a native of Hazard County, Ky., was a professional librarian at UofL, the University of Chicago, the University of Houston, Bellaire (Texas) Community Library, Westlake (Ohio) Library and the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library. Herbert served in numerous volunteer activities and offcer positions with the Cub Scouts, Great Books and various Episcopal churches in Houston, New Orleans and Austin, as well as with public schools in New Orleans and Austin. Bruce A. Trent, 91K Bruce Allen Trent, of Lexington, Ky., was a Sunday school teacher and superintendent, a deacon and had a master's degree in social work. Trent retired from the Personnel Cabinet as the assistant EEO coordinator for Kentucky after 24 years. He was the creator of the Middlesboro Tri-State Expo, an annual event to give hundreds of students career and job opportunities. He worked as a volunteer with veterans at the Lexington VA Medical Center. Evelyn V. Carroll, UofL retiree Evelyn V. Carroll, an Easton, Md., native and retired offce manager from the School of Dentistry, passed away in March at the age of 85. բ բ The university family offers condolences on the passing of the following alumni and friends. Families may submit information by email to or 1920s Daniel V. Sublett 27MD 1930s Malcolm Langford Taylor 33S Elizabeth B. Baker 35A Catherine Maxson 35A Harvey I. Kelsall 34MD 1940s Leslie S. Hill 40A Virginia S. Boebinger 40A Earl "Stan" Caummisar, Sr. 41S F. Robert Ellwanger, Jr. 41S Lloyd D. Mayer, MD, 41A Jack M. Downard 41S Jewel A. Hunter 42A Alice S. Davidson 42A Dorothy M. Butler 42A 70 | LOUISVILLE.EDU Bernice W. Thompson 42MC Roy O. Elam, Jr. 43DMD Estelle S. Masler 43A, 71GE Richard L. Foster 43MD Herschel A. Shulman 43MD Sarah Butlet McQuinne 44MC Frank H. Britt 44A Price C. Campbell, MD 45A Paul Patrick Hess 45MD Marilyn Heckaman Aulde Redick 45A Kenneth H. McCrocklin 46A, 50MD George K. Landis 46MD Robert A. Cunningham 46S Kenneth P. Crawford 46MD Hugh R. Smith 46DMD Keith M. Coverdale 47MD Helen Cunningham 47MU Jean Hess Morris 48A Gwendolyn M. Benaroya 48K Attia M. Bowmer 48GA Liston T. Taylor 48S A. Douglas Winquist, Jr. 48A Ralph George 49A Joseph G. Goodman 49A Alvin R. Lawyer 49B Harry W. Schmidt, Jr. 49B Gilberto Torres 49DMD Francis W. Hare, MD 49MER Richard L. Barratt, PE 49S Herbert D. Bradley, Jr. 49S William S. Shaw, Sr. 49S Lawrence Gamble 49GA Joseph G. Goodman 49A Richard I. Lynch 49B Frank R. Troutman 49A 1950s Louis S. Jensen, Sr. 50A Frederick W. Howes 50DMD Hazel W. Olsby 50A Cmdr. Kenneth L. Chaudoin, Ret. 50B Gene E. Gerstle 50B H. R. Conwell, MD 50GA Melville W. Ackerman, PhD 50S Chester W. Newhall, PE 50S Charles E. Cooper 50A Charles E. Pearce, 50MD Joseph H. Rouse 50L Jack J. Weitlauf, Sr. 50DMD Delmar K. Tucker 50S, 77GS Kermit L. Kummer 50A, 61E Robert H. Agress 51B John F. Hall 51A John E. Mengelberg 51A J. Russell Stein 51B Robert P. McCarthy 51GS Gene H. Detenber 51A James E. Parker, Jr. 51MD Robert L. Bischof, Sr. 51MU Charles Sterling Goff 51B Palestine G. Howard 51L Kenneth G. Turner 52A Richard E. Foster 52B Evan L. Barney 52JS F. Everett Warren 52L Joseph M. Spalding 52S John M. Schroeder 52MD Dalton L. Kuder 52A William E. Davis, Sr. 53S Edward Evans, Jr. 53A Robert C. Yantz 53S Bobbie Hendricks Gregory Alexander 53A

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