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Class Notes Bookshelf Benjamin Horvay, 61GA, past adjunct associate professor of mechanical engineering at J.B. Speed School of Engineering, wrote "she would pick me up and hug me: a mother and son's memoirs spanning 100 years from Budapest, Hungary to Lexington, Kentucky." The book chronicles the life of Horvay, the youngest of six children, and his mother's struggles as a single mom, raising a family, first in Budapest, before immigrating to the United States right before World War II. Jerry Key, 66A, looks back at his life and offers a comical, uncanny view from childhood mishaps to joining the U.S. Air Force right after college at UofL in "War Stories & Other Lies." The book vividly describes how he became the self-proclaimed world's greatest fighter pilot. This book provides a journey of living life and enduring life experiences with the insight of wisdom and a positive outlook on life. Wendy Koenig, 88A, was co-editor for "The Holocaust and World War II: In History and In Memory," published in December 2012 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The book includes articles by Gerhard Weinberg and Raffael Scheck, as well as Koenig's chapter on "Sound History: Acoustic Design in Holocaust Museums." This is her second time serving as co-editor with Nancy Rupprecht, professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University, for a book of essays related to Holocaust studies. James Markert, 95A, published his second book, the historical fiction novel "A White Wind Blew," set at Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium during the 1920's tuberculosis epidemic. It is about one man's attempt to use classical music as a way to soothe and possibly even save dying patients. Markert is also the screenwriter of the romantic tennis comedy "Second Serve," set for nationwide release this summer. Gretchen Oltman, 95GE wrote "Violence in Student Writing: A Guide for School Administrators" offers caution and logic in protecting students' freedom of speech while also protecting the safety of everyone in the school. The acclaimed book has been described as a guide that offers "legal and education frameworks for distinguishing students who are writing about violence from writing by violent students. Knowing the difference between the two can possibly save lives." Brenda Overturf, 99GE, Leslie H. Montgomery, 03A, 07GE, and Margot Holmes Smith, 03A, 07GE, co-wrote "Word Nerds: Teaching All Students to Learn and Love Vocabulary," which introduces a five-part plan proven to increase word knowledge and vocabulary. Montgomery and Smith saw the results of the program firsthand after implementing it at Atkinson Academy in Louisville. Arnold D. Seligman, 54MU, 66GMU, has written three books, "50 Products of God's Wisdom," "Mad At God, Are You?" and "Belief in Who?" on personal reflections about man's relationship to God. Wayne A. Warner, 74L, shares his experiences as a pilot in the Vietnam War in "One Trip Too Many: A Pilot's Memoirs of 38 Months in Combat over Laos and Vietnam." Released in March 2013, it has been described as a combination of "Band of Brothers," "Top Gun" and "Forrest Gump." Books mentioned on the UofL Bookshelf may be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online or local booksellers. Are you a published author in any format? Let us know the latest and where readers can find you at Kent School 60|LOUISVILLE.EDU

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